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Day 273 – Crash landing on Decapod 1.0

After months of flying through space in search of our motherland, our spaceship had seen better days. It had suffered considerable damage during our adventures, and we were not skilled enough mechanics to make all the repairs. For the moment, the structure was holding up fine, but we didn’t how much longer it would last. We had to find a specialist, and fast. Suddenly an alarm sounded and the control panel came alive with flashing red lights. A micrometeorite had pierced the hull and the violent depressurization was immediate. We quickly threw on our spacesuits and began to formulate a plan to get us out of this less then ideal situation. Unfortunately, with the sad state of our spaceship, despite my best efforts I could not regain control of the instruments. Our dire situation was only made worse by the fact that we were headed straight for a small red planet with no escape from its gravitational pull. Like a meteor, we entered its atmosphere. Because of the air resistance, the hull warmed violently and pieces began to detach or even disintegrate. There was nothing we could do; we had no choice but to eject.

It was the laughter of little girls that finally woke us from our state of unconsciousness. Wounded during the crash landing, we dragged ourselves in the direction of the laughter. My second in command wondered out loud if the giggling had been a dream. However, before long, we saw five young ladies coming toward us. Lyn, the most beautiful of them was the daughter of the king. She called a shuttle and medical team to accompany us to the capital and her father. Once in the palace, our wounds were dressed and fractures immobilized. In the company of the king and his subjects, we told our story once more. We expected the same sterile reaction as always, when suddenly someone began to talk. Tears of joy streamed down our cheeks as this person claimed to know how we could get home. He was part of a powerful merchant guild, and on his last expedition he had discovered a distant solar system that fit the description of our planet. Touched by our tale, Lyn insisted on chartering a space shuttle to take us home.

My second in command and I, did not yet realize that our quest was coming to an end, but one thing was for sure, we were going home…



Mars Distraction feat. Lyn m. (Aloan) by Xewin

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Day 247 – The rebel princess

Our reserves alarmingly low; we decided to stop at the next planet. It was there that we met Yarah, warrior princess. She was fighting along her rebel army to liberate her people from the oppression of a tyrant. The tyrant had overthrown the former king and established a reign of terror. His law was enforced by an army of clones, which he controlled from the highest tower of his black fortress. During the coop many civilians were enslaved or killed. Only a handful of people escaped. A child at the time, Yarah grew up with hate for her enemy that fueled her to wage guerrilla war. Over the years, she had managed to free and unite a large number of people.

Yarah and her followers established their headquarters in a huge cave located in the largest desert on their planet. All electronic devises tweaked out in the area because of the interference generated by the magnetic sandstorms. A grand serenity prevailed. The camp was set up like a village, with houses, shops and even a clinic. The calm of daytime was a sharp contrast to the nocturnal dances. Almost tribal, combining music, chants and martial techniques, the dances doubled as training for the rebels. The first night, my second in command was completely mesmerized by the dance and lost control of his movements. The extreme activity rendered him useless the next day. Worried about his safety and afraid I, myself, may too succumb to the charm of the mysterious training sessions, I decided to cut our stay short. I said good-bye to our host and wished them courage in their fight.

We took off before night fell, conscious that the chants and hypnotic rhythms of the rebel princess would be with us forever.

To be continued on Thursday, November 3

Pull the Trigger feat. Yarah Bravo by Xewin

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Day 234 – The sprawling space monster

Without warning, we found ourselves in the vacuum of a black hole. My second in command could not avoid it, as it only appeared on the screen at the last moment. He tried everything to escape its pull, pushing the reactors to their max, but we did not have enough power. Looking around desperately, I noticed an asteroid, far enough away to escape the gravity of the black hole. Without hesitation, I engaged the grappling hook. If I could just catch the meteor with the grapple, we could be pulled to safety. I adjusted the scope, took aim and fired: right on target! And started up the wench and we slowly approached the floating rock.

Finally out of danger, I went to unhook the hook so we could leave, when suddenly a monstrous beast emerged from behind the asteroid. I could see in his twelve eyes that he had the firm intention to devour us. His six suction cup and claw covered tentacles reached out for us. With the reflexes of a Saturn cat, I broke the rope and sent us hurdling back into space. This act of desperation was extremely risky, having no destination coordinates we could end up anywhere- floating helplessly in an asteroid belt, drowning in the middle of an acid lake or even caught in the grips of space raiders. But luck was finally on our side and we reappeared safe and sound, light-years away.

To be continued on Tuesday, November 01

The Last Tentacle by Xewin

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Day 215 – A cloudy night on the « Titty Twister Star »

Plan B From Outer Space (single)

We landed, by chance, at the perfect place to relax and recharge after this latest adventure. At the bottom of a crater sat a dark, old bar. Entering, we found ourselves surrounded by a fauna of disparate individuals, each as unique as the rest. Travelers in search of adventure and prospectors coming to spend what little they had mingled with women of easy virtue, ready and willing to trade their bodies for a few dimes. A pungent mix of tobacco and body odors hung over the room. A group of aliens lead by a large red Fauve played a strange yet catchy tune on instruments unlike any I’d ever seen.

Card and dice players rubbed shoulders with drinkers of beer and exotic liquors. At one point, a fight broke out (probably a deal gone wrong). But the hound dog that worked as the bouncer quickly settled things down with his fists, which seemed to be carved from stone. We sat back and enjoyed the entertainment as we sipped our cocktails and rested our bodies and minds.

To be continued on Saturday, October 29

Plan B From Outer Space feat. Fauve by Xewin

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Day 187 – The planet of women in bikinis – part 2

© 2011 julien mudry

For several days we faced various physical tests, each more challenging than the last: running while weighted with rocks, swimming with hands and feet bound, breaking wild stallions which truth be told resembled more a cross between an ostrich and fish then any horse I’d seen; the list goes on. Despite the extreme physical exertion, each day we awoke ready for more. Their ointments were incredibly efficient to the point of being miraculous, and once accustomed to the taste, the gruel filled us with an incredible energy.

Today, we finally understood the she-creatures were putting us through all these tests of strength and endurance. I won’t dwell too much on the details, but it was today, but I will say that we were met by a physical challenge of an entirely different nature. Turns out, these ladies were on a search for the perfect genes to perpetuate their race. They were conducting an experiment natural selection, only keeping the men who proved to be the toughest and strongest fighters. Luckily, we made the cut.

After finishing our task as reproductive males, we were freed and lead back to our space shuttle. As we left the planet, I glanced at my second in command. He stared into the great unknown, grinning for ear to ear.

To be continued on Thursday, October 27

Bonus track: Unnatural by Xewin

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Day 183/184 – The planet of ladies in bikinis – part 1

Following a distress signal, we touched down on this strange planet. Before we could even begin exploring, we were taken by surprise. Blindfolded and hands bound, our mystery captors forced us to walk for several hours. At one point, I noticed the air had cooled. I began to smell smoke when we finally stopped and were forced to our knees.

Our blindfolds removed, I squinted and tried to make sense of the surreal scene. Before us sat a woman of impressive stature. She had to be at least two meters, and her stunning beauty would inspire impure thoughts in even the most chaste of individuals. We were at the center of their camp as night fell, our equipment strewn about at the feet of the warrior. The contrast between her mane of fire and her emerald eyes was both frightening and seductive. Her eyes fixed on us; she was the epitome of pride and confidence. Hugging her magnificent curves were a tiny bikini and belt from which hung an impressive hunting knife. She was surrounded by dozens of she-creatures, each more beautiful than the next. An important detail: they were all armed to the teeth and the fear they evoked was the only thing that surpassed their beauty.

One simple gesture by their leader and we were lead into a tent. There were two beds and a change of clothes for each of us. Our hands were unbound and two guards were stationed at the door. Exhausted from the forced march, we collapsed on our beds and were asleep in no time.

DAY 184
At dawn, we were pulled from our beds and fed a disgusting sort of gruel, before being lead away again. We approached an immense fence that formed a circle. A gigantic door seemed to be the only port of entry. My fears were quickly confirmed as one of our captors opened the door and we were pushed to the middle of the arena. The hundreds of Amazon women sitting in the stands erupted in hysterics as we entered. Then the crowd hushed and there was a great silence as the lead redhead arrived and got comfortable in her royal box seats. Sensing our impending doom, we pulled out our laser guns. Just then previously hidden door opened. Several beasts sprang out. Snarling and bearing their teeth, there was no doubt in my mind that they were hungry.

The battle began with a brutality that ignited the crowd. For a brief moment, I wondered which was more savage, the creatures we were fighting or those in the audience. Despite the ferocity of our adversaries, we managed to defeat them quickly. Six months lost in space with innumerable run-ins of this kind, strengthens a man. But we were not in the clear just yet. The door opened again giving way to still other abominations, even more blood thirsty than the last.

We fought for the good part of the day before another simple gesture from their leader signaled the end of the hostilities. The cadavers were piled in the arena, and we were left covered in blood and innards. Time and time again, we had escaped death. Then, without any explanation, we were lead back to our tent. Our guards applied ointments to our wounds fed us another bowl of gruel, before putting us to bed.

To be continued on Tuesday, October 25

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Day 137 – Prohibited Reading

Today, I caught my second in command looking at magazines he had picked up at our last stop. Their content is completely inappropriate for my spaceship. I could not allow him to be distracted from the mission, so I had no choice but to confiscate the material and put it in a locked trunk in my cabin. He must understand that this is not a game. I must admit I did take a quick peep at what the magazines had to offer, but only to see if they might hold some information that could help us on our mission…

To be continued on Saturday, October 22

Cyborg Girls by Xewin

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Day 120 – Sin « Thing » City

Flying Cars (single)

This avant-garde metropolis sat on a foggy planet, and we quickly discovered it had no help to offer us. Here, everything was consumed with an insatiable eagerness before being discarded and forgotten. The luxury was omnipresent and the poverty parked out of sight, out of mind. The VIPs of the night scarfed caviar off the tiny tatas of top-models, rented for the night. Maybe tomorrow these same girls will walk these men on leashes, in some sort of reverse-fortune. Flying cars hovered over the city-dwellers who stumbled, eyes glued to the screen of their new cell phones, the latest version just out this morning. Even the inhabitants seem not to touch the ground, hopelessly and obliviously lost in a cyber-reality.

Before leaving, we managed to get a good price for the books we had saved from the fire. Despite our best efforts, the writing remained incomprehensible. Fuel reserves filled and provisions restocked, we left before we were too tempted by the easy pleasures of this sinful planet.

To be continued on Thursday, October 20

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Day 99 – The dark side of Professor Logan – part 2

What we saw should not be shared. Anyway, words do not suffice to describe the atrocities that were branded in our memories with a red-hot iron today. We needed all the courage and bravery of the world to confront our worst nightmares and to come out on the other side. We came up against the vilest creatures imaginable straight from the sick mind of the professor and his terrible experiments. As we killed these creatures, we did not really know whether we were slaughtering them or delivering them.

After passing through the long hallways, we finally found ourselves face to face with the evil genius. As a stream of incomprehensible blabbering interspersed with guttural sounds spewed from his mouth, we realized that no dialogue would be possible. We were at the heart of his library when he released his last ditch effort to defeat us. In a desperate move, he knocked over his candles, igniting the piles of books that surrounded the three of us, and the room erupted in chaos. We tried to flee, carrying the few books that were not already engulfed in flames.

Once far away, we watched the flames devour the lair of the demented professors, his terrible secrets and experiments vanishing with the ashes, gone forever.

To be continued on Tuesday, October 18

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