Day 0 – The Awakening

At last, I opened my eyes. With great effort I pulled my aching body to my feet, my arms and legs numb. I glimpsed around and saw my second in command, still on the ground and went to help him.
We had both been unconscious and our memories blurred. The last thing we remember was being assigned to a reconnaisscence mission in Cosmozone A1-N0. As we approached the region a deafening noise followed by a violent shaking of our spaceship left a black hole in our memories.

After a thorough analysis of our navigation system and other instruments onboard, we realized the worst scenario is upon us.
All our data has been lost. The backup copies have disappeared and the central computer is void of all information.

My name is Xewin. Accompanied by my second in command, I am lost in the intergalactic, immensity of outer space. I know neither, our position, nor the date, much less how to get home. Here is my story…

To be continued on saturday, October 1

Okina-3 by Xewin

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