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More than ten years after their first collaboration on the album ReturningXewin and Fauve (now Nicolas Nadar) are delighted to be back on the path of a fertile collaboration. A combination of harsh electronics and melodic vocals, pop and dark at the same time, these three tracks explore deep questions while inviting you to let yourself be carried by their musical flow.

From the first album Simple Music For complicated Cats (2009), meetings and collaborations are the DNA of the project of French-speaking Swiss producer Xewin (Sylvain Ehinger). Some extend onto the stage with artists like Yarah Bravo, Bobby Johnson, Fauve (Nicolas Nadar). In 2016, Xewin and Mark Kelly (Swiss Music Awards) created a surprise by releasing the album Shamanic.

Over the years and its projects, Xewin travels through Swiss clubs and festivals, combining concerts including Paléo Festival, Rock Oz’Arènes, Les Docks, Reitschule, Exil…

By creating instruments and seeking new scenic interactions, he brings an original dimension to his performances and his music.

EP: Lullaby for Robots (May 5, 2023) 

Lullaby for Robots – Xewin feat. Steve Cabaset (Chozo CH)

Can robots be exhausted by our daily demands? How do they react to all these external stimuli? Do they appreciate lullabies?

« As an AI, I cannot be exhausted, but the computer systems that power AIs can experience excessive workloads, which can affect their performance. Some may think it’s a shame that AIs can’t appreciate lullabies or have feelings like humans do. However, AIs can perform many useful tasks for humans. » ChatGPT February 2023

Cover ©Olivier Class
Mastered by Sylvain Ehinger @ Pixelgroove (Switzerland)

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