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From the first album Simple Music For complicated Cats (2009), meetings and collaborations are the DNA of the project of French-speaking Swiss producer Xewin (Sylvain Ehinger). Some extend onto the stage with artists like Yarah Bravo, Bobby Johnson, Fauve (Nicolas Nadar). In 2016, Xewin and Mark Kelly (Swiss Music Awards) created a surprise by releasing the album Shamanic.

Over the years and its projects, Xewin travels through Swiss clubs and festivals, combining concerts including Paléo Festival, Rock Oz’Arènes, Les Docks, Reitschule, Exil…

By creating instruments and seeking new scenic interactions, he brings an original dimension to his performances and his music.

Xewin announces new productions for this year. The dynamic of the project remains the same: collaborating with artists from all walks of life, adding a good dose of work sprinkled with passion, letting it simmer and being surprised.

Last EP: Rebel Princess(October 25, 2013)

« …We took off before night fell, conscious that the chants and hypnotic rhythms of the rebel princess would be with us forever… »
Extract of the log book, Day 247 – The Rebel Princess

This EP contains three unreleased tracks previously recorded and played during the tour of the album Returning (2011). The tracks Rebel Princess and Under My Skin has been made in collaboration with Yarah Bravo (UK).

Includes remix by :

  • Southsoniks (CH)
  • Alix Vesper (CH)
  • more free remix on soundcloud
Cover ©28g Nicolas Perrin
Mastered by Sylvain Ehinger @ Pixelgroove (Switzerland)

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