Day 99 – The dark side of Professor Logan – part 2

What we saw should not be shared. Anyway, words do not suffice to describe the atrocities that were branded in our memories with a red-hot iron today. We needed all the courage and bravery of the world to confront our worst nightmares and to come out on the other side. We came up against the vilest creatures imaginable straight from the sick mind of the professor and his terrible experiments. As we killed these creatures, we did not really know whether we were slaughtering them or delivering them.

After passing through the long hallways, we finally found ourselves face to face with the evil genius. As a stream of incomprehensible blabbering interspersed with guttural sounds spewed from his mouth, we realized that no dialogue would be possible. We were at the heart of his library when he released his last ditch effort to defeat us. In a desperate move, he knocked over his candles, igniting the piles of books that surrounded the three of us, and the room erupted in chaos. We tried to flee, carrying the few books that were not already engulfed in flames.

Once far away, we watched the flames devour the lair of the demented professors, his terrible secrets and experiments vanishing with the ashes, gone forever.

To be continued on Tuesday, October 18

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