Day 34 – The attack of the killer robots – part 1

I knew we should never have trusted this planet. It seemed, from the beginning, to be hiding something on its smooth, unblemished surface. Our instruments reacted badly to the region, so I decided to send my second in command to inspect the phenomenon from close-up. Barely an hour had passed when I received his distress signal. Despite my greatest efforts, attempts to contact him via radio were answered only by a distant static and the occasional inaudible crackling. I had only one option: I would have to rescue my loyal second. Checking over my rescue equipment, I wondered in what situation I would find myself next. I activated the stealth mode of my uniform and set off in the direction of the distress signal.

The polished surface shined like steel in the sun, nothing interrupting the perfectly smooth horizon. However, as I approached the signal, I stumbled upon a huge, gaping crater. Gazing into the hole, I saw what seemed to be a giant open-air factory. It was at that moment, that I felt an intense electric shock, and lost consciousness.

Upon waking, I found myself in a cell, or rather a cube. By my side was my second in command. Reunited, he explained his observations just before his capture. He too saw the factory, but unlike me he made it inside. The factory was controlled entirely by robots and their only product: mechanical beings. Knowing this, the cold, angular architecture of this place made more sense to me. After much discussion, we decided to wait and try to figure out what these creatures wanted from us, before planning our next move.

To be continued on Tuesday, October 4

Strike a Pose feat. Yarah Bravo by Xewin

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