Day 273 – Crash landing on Decapod 1.0

After months of flying through space in search of our motherland, our spaceship had seen better days. It had suffered considerable damage during our adventures, and we were not skilled enough mechanics to make all the repairs. For the moment, the structure was holding up fine, but we didn’t how much longer it would last. We had to find a specialist, and fast. Suddenly an alarm sounded and the control panel came alive with flashing red lights. A micrometeorite had pierced the hull and the violent depressurization was immediate. We quickly threw on our spacesuits and began to formulate a plan to get us out of this less then ideal situation. Unfortunately, with the sad state of our spaceship, despite my best efforts I could not regain control of the instruments. Our dire situation was only made worse by the fact that we were headed straight for a small red planet with no escape from its gravitational pull. Like a meteor, we entered its atmosphere. Because of the air resistance, the hull warmed violently and pieces began to detach or even disintegrate. There was nothing we could do; we had no choice but to eject.

It was the laughter of little girls that finally woke us from our state of unconsciousness. Wounded during the crash landing, we dragged ourselves in the direction of the laughter. My second in command wondered out loud if the giggling had been a dream. However, before long, we saw five young ladies coming toward us. Lyn, the most beautiful of them was the daughter of the king. She called a shuttle and medical team to accompany us to the capital and her father. Once in the palace, our wounds were dressed and fractures immobilized. In the company of the king and his subjects, we told our story once more. We expected the same sterile reaction as always, when suddenly someone began to talk. Tears of joy streamed down our cheeks as this person claimed to know how we could get home. He was part of a powerful merchant guild, and on his last expedition he had discovered a distant solar system that fit the description of our planet. Touched by our tale, Lyn insisted on chartering a space shuttle to take us home.

My second in command and I, did not yet realize that our quest was coming to an end, but one thing was for sure, we were going home…



Mars Distraction feat. Lyn m. (Aloan) by Xewin

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