Day 234 – The sprawling space monster

Without warning, we found ourselves in the vacuum of a black hole. My second in command could not avoid it, as it only appeared on the screen at the last moment. He tried everything to escape its pull, pushing the reactors to their max, but we did not have enough power. Looking around desperately, I noticed an asteroid, far enough away to escape the gravity of the black hole. Without hesitation, I engaged the grappling hook. If I could just catch the meteor with the grapple, we could be pulled to safety. I adjusted the scope, took aim and fired: right on target! And started up the wench and we slowly approached the floating rock.

Finally out of danger, I went to unhook the hook so we could leave, when suddenly a monstrous beast emerged from behind the asteroid. I could see in his twelve eyes that he had the firm intention to devour us. His six suction cup and claw covered tentacles reached out for us. With the reflexes of a Saturn cat, I broke the rope and sent us hurdling back into space. This act of desperation was extremely risky, having no destination coordinates we could end up anywhere- floating helplessly in an asteroid belt, drowning in the middle of an acid lake or even caught in the grips of space raiders. But luck was finally on our side and we reappeared safe and sound, light-years away.

To be continued on Tuesday, November 01

The Last Tentacle by Xewin

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