Day 187 – The planet of women in bikinis – part 2

© 2011 julien mudry

For several days we faced various physical tests, each more challenging than the last: running while weighted with rocks, swimming with hands and feet bound, breaking wild stallions which truth be told resembled more a cross between an ostrich and fish then any horse I’d seen; the list goes on. Despite the extreme physical exertion, each day we awoke ready for more. Their ointments were incredibly efficient to the point of being miraculous, and once accustomed to the taste, the gruel filled us with an incredible energy.

Today, we finally understood the she-creatures were putting us through all these tests of strength and endurance. I won’t dwell too much on the details, but it was today, but I will say that we were met by a physical challenge of an entirely different nature. Turns out, these ladies were on a search for the perfect genes to perpetuate their race. They were conducting an experiment natural selection, only keeping the men who proved to be the toughest and strongest fighters. Luckily, we made the cut.

After finishing our task as reproductive males, we were freed and lead back to our space shuttle. As we left the planet, I glanced at my second in command. He stared into the great unknown, grinning for ear to ear.

To be continued on Thursday, October 27

Bonus track: Unnatural by Xewin

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