Day 183/184 – The planet of ladies in bikinis – part 1

Following a distress signal, we touched down on this strange planet. Before we could even begin exploring, we were taken by surprise. Blindfolded and hands bound, our mystery captors forced us to walk for several hours. At one point, I noticed the air had cooled. I began to smell smoke when we finally stopped and were forced to our knees.

Our blindfolds removed, I squinted and tried to make sense of the surreal scene. Before us sat a woman of impressive stature. She had to be at least two meters, and her stunning beauty would inspire impure thoughts in even the most chaste of individuals. We were at the center of their camp as night fell, our equipment strewn about at the feet of the warrior. The contrast between her mane of fire and her emerald eyes was both frightening and seductive. Her eyes fixed on us; she was the epitome of pride and confidence. Hugging her magnificent curves were a tiny bikini and belt from which hung an impressive hunting knife. She was surrounded by dozens of she-creatures, each more beautiful than the next. An important detail: they were all armed to the teeth and the fear they evoked was the only thing that surpassed their beauty.

One simple gesture by their leader and we were lead into a tent. There were two beds and a change of clothes for each of us. Our hands were unbound and two guards were stationed at the door. Exhausted from the forced march, we collapsed on our beds and were asleep in no time.

DAY 184
At dawn, we were pulled from our beds and fed a disgusting sort of gruel, before being lead away again. We approached an immense fence that formed a circle. A gigantic door seemed to be the only port of entry. My fears were quickly confirmed as one of our captors opened the door and we were pushed to the middle of the arena. The hundreds of Amazon women sitting in the stands erupted in hysterics as we entered. Then the crowd hushed and there was a great silence as the lead redhead arrived and got comfortable in her royal box seats. Sensing our impending doom, we pulled out our laser guns. Just then previously hidden door opened. Several beasts sprang out. Snarling and bearing their teeth, there was no doubt in my mind that they were hungry.

The battle began with a brutality that ignited the crowd. For a brief moment, I wondered which was more savage, the creatures we were fighting or those in the audience. Despite the ferocity of our adversaries, we managed to defeat them quickly. Six months lost in space with innumerable run-ins of this kind, strengthens a man. But we were not in the clear just yet. The door opened again giving way to still other abominations, even more blood thirsty than the last.

We fought for the good part of the day before another simple gesture from their leader signaled the end of the hostilities. The cadavers were piled in the arena, and we were left covered in blood and innards. Time and time again, we had escaped death. Then, without any explanation, we were lead back to our tent. Our guards applied ointments to our wounds fed us another bowl of gruel, before putting us to bed.

To be continued on Tuesday, October 25

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