Album: Returning – november 4, 2011

© 2011 julien mudry

«…The last thing we remember was the reconnaisscence mission in Cosmozone A1-N0 and the deafening noise followed by the violent shaking of our spaceship.

My name is Xewin. Accompanied by my second in command, I am lost in the intergalactic, immensity of outer space. I know neither, our position, nor the date, much less how to get home. Here is my story… »
Extract of the log book, Day 0

Returning, the 2nd opus of the Swiss producer Xewin is an electro album, sprinkled with intergalactic hits and featurings of Yarah Bravo (UK,DE), Lyn m. (from Aloan CH), Fauve(CH) and Bobby Johnson(CH). Returning is also a genuine interstellar log book telling the adventure of Xewin and his second in command deep inside a retro-futuristic universe imagined by the graphic designer Nicolas Perrin.

Returning (album)

Release date : november 4, 2011
Distribution : Irascible (ch), Believe Digital
Label :
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