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Day 97 – The dark side of Professor Logan – part 1

After leaving the small colony, we followed a course guided purely by instinct. Suddenly, we received a signal, a steady beeping indicating a planet. According to our instruments, it was inhabited. After making radio contact, we were invited to land at the capital’s astroport. A welcoming committee greeted us, eager to take us to their ambassador.

After pleasantries had been exchanged and we had given a brief account of our situation, we addressed the question that was burning in us. Could they help us find the path home? Despite all their knowledge, they had no response. A few murmurs rose from the assembly. The ambassador silenced them and spoke. According to him, we might be able to find some information on the dark side of their third moon. For this moon had a great library filled with cursed knowledge hidden and mysterious to all. Unfortunately, the location was also the lair of the most feared mad scientist on this side of the galaxy: the Professor Logan. Exiled by his own free will to continue his dangerous and eccentric experiments out of sight, he lived in solitude surrounded only by his books containing knowledge from the six corners of the galaxy.

Despite numerous warnings, we decided that we must meet this evil professor and hopefully get some of the answers necessary to continue on our quest.

To be continued on Saturday, October 15

Human by Xewin

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Day 78 – The unspeakable colony

Several days have passed since we landed on this isolated planet. We came here thinking this was the spot our friend the mechanic had described. After a quick scan of the area, we had discovered just one tiny colony located on the north side. We deployed the modules, deciding to explore this foreign land.

At first contact, the people fled, hiding in their barns. Finally we came across more affable people, who after carefully checking that our intentions were not hostile explained the reason for the fear. The « Elders, » as they called themselves, told us their story. The colony had not had visitors for centuries. They lived in autarky, in recluse. As I listened to them I realized what I could not put my finger on upon arrival. Everything seemed frozen in the past. Their beliefs and their traditions perpetuated from generation to generation directly and unchanged from their ancestors. Their understanding stopped here at the frontier with outer space. This was their choice and they saw no reason to change. Clearly, we had not fallen on the people that we had hoped.

After enjoying the meager pleasure they had to offer, we left them. Their ways and their technology from another time would not help us much as we searched for the way home. Upon leaving, we promised them never to reveal the coordinates of their planet and to keep their existence secret

To be continued on Thursday, October 13

Safety feat. Fauve by Xewin

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Day 53 – The beached creature

Today we observed a very strange phenomenon through the portholes of our shuttle. We crossed paths with a meteorite on which stood a curious creature. It is difficult to describe with precision. It was completely black with a white belly and a similar spot around its eye. Its skin was smooth and shiny. It had a huge jaw, equipped with sharp teeth. Several appendages sprang from its long body and it had to be eight meters tall.

We understood neither why nor how this strange creature found itself beached upon a rock hurdling through outer space. There are some mysteries that will never be solved…

To be continued on Tuesday, October 11

Returning by Xewin

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Day 40 – The incredible adventures of the mechanic

It’s been three days since we left our savior. Mr. Johnson was an interstellar module mechanic with an unusual hobby: Adventure. In the short time we were together, we heard great tales of his many sidereal sagas and heroic exploits. This man had fought off cannibalistic aliens as he repaired the broken down vessel of one of his best clients. He had narrowly escaped several black holes while delivering parts to the furthest reaches of the galaxy. His stories were punctuated with what he called ‘ occupational hazards ». Navigating through everything from chaotic asteroid belts to acid lakes inhabited by unknown monsters, nothing scared him nor stopped him.

Our meeting, he explained, was pure chance, as he was in the area simply to stock up on spare parts. In this case meaning the scrap metal that made up our robot captors. He burst in laughter, explaining ‘ what is practical is that they are never out of stock ».
This man was not afraid of anything, a fact that inspired great respect. Unfortunately, despite his extensive travels, he was not familiar with our solar system. He did, however, tell us about a planet of scholars where we might find some answers.

To be continued on Saturday, October 8

I will not be Capped feat. Bobby Johnson by Xewin

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Day 35 – The attack of the killer robots – part 2

© 2011 julien mudry

Repeatedly, distant screams of terror penetrated the metal walls of our cell. The cries confirmed our suspicion; no good would come of this. Our survival rations were dwindling and our desperation growing, when suddenly one of the four walls rose to reveal two robots armed with laser guns. Their humanoid silhouettes waved us forward. I threw myself on one of them like a jack out of his box. Thanks to the element of surprise, I managed to get a hold of his weapon. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the second guard take aim and fire at me. But luckily, my second in command shoved him at exactly the same time, deflecting the shot and disintegrating his comrade. I fired in turn, hitting my target, which literally melted on the spot. Without wasting any time, I located a weak signal and we set off in the direction of the space shuttle.

As we fled, some other mechanical abominations saw a chase and us ensued. Laser shots were exchanged and several times, we thought we’d leave more then just feathers behind. We made it to the wall of the crater and desperately looked up at the steep cliffs. All hope seemed lost, and then we noticed an elevator that must take us to the top. Getting there was not easy, as despite their causalities, the robots had somehow multiplied. Finally, our spaceship was in view, I hoped the enemy would abandon the chase once we lifted off. But it was then the hunters emerged from the bowels of the planet. I launched the protocol for emergency take-off. We barely managed to jump into the airlock before it closed.

Once at the commands, I pushed the turbo reactors to their maximum and pulled us off the ground. The protection shield was hit repeatedly, but remained strong. The robots weren’t going to give up that easy, and they continued to fire as we lifted into outer space. After too long under fire, I saw another ship that we could not identify. We were headed right for each other. At the last minute, he moved aside and came face to face with our hunters. He took them out with disconcerting ease. The toasters had no chance. At that moment, the radio came to life: « Follow me, I know a safe place ».
We followed his course, eager and curious to meet our savior.

To be continued on Thursday, October 6

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Day 34 – The attack of the killer robots – part 1

I knew we should never have trusted this planet. It seemed, from the beginning, to be hiding something on its smooth, unblemished surface. Our instruments reacted badly to the region, so I decided to send my second in command to inspect the phenomenon from close-up. Barely an hour had passed when I received his distress signal. Despite my greatest efforts, attempts to contact him via radio were answered only by a distant static and the occasional inaudible crackling. I had only one option: I would have to rescue my loyal second. Checking over my rescue equipment, I wondered in what situation I would find myself next. I activated the stealth mode of my uniform and set off in the direction of the distress signal.

The polished surface shined like steel in the sun, nothing interrupting the perfectly smooth horizon. However, as I approached the signal, I stumbled upon a huge, gaping crater. Gazing into the hole, I saw what seemed to be a giant open-air factory. It was at that moment, that I felt an intense electric shock, and lost consciousness.

Upon waking, I found myself in a cell, or rather a cube. By my side was my second in command. Reunited, he explained his observations just before his capture. He too saw the factory, but unlike me he made it inside. The factory was controlled entirely by robots and their only product: mechanical beings. Knowing this, the cold, angular architecture of this place made more sense to me. After much discussion, we decided to wait and try to figure out what these creatures wanted from us, before planning our next move.

To be continued on Tuesday, October 4

Strike a Pose feat. Yarah Bravo by Xewin

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Day 0 – The Awakening

At last, I opened my eyes. With great effort I pulled my aching body to my feet, my arms and legs numb. I glimpsed around and saw my second in command, still on the ground and went to help him.
We had both been unconscious and our memories blurred. The last thing we remember was being assigned to a reconnaisscence mission in Cosmozone A1-N0. As we approached the region a deafening noise followed by a violent shaking of our spaceship left a black hole in our memories.

After a thorough analysis of our navigation system and other instruments onboard, we realized the worst scenario is upon us.
All our data has been lost. The backup copies have disappeared and the central computer is void of all information.

My name is Xewin. Accompanied by my second in command, I am lost in the intergalactic, immensity of outer space. I know neither, our position, nor the date, much less how to get home. Here is my story…

To be continued on saturday, October 1

Okina-3 by Xewin

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Xewin Returning : The logbook

The logbook telling the adventure of Xewin and his second in command will be published at every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday.
It will begin on Thursday, September 29 until the release date of the album on november 4. Each article will be accompanied by visual or musical excerpt of Returning.

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