For The Shamanics on RTS 1 TV News

For those who missed it… Xewin talked about The Shamanics on RTS 1 TV News #12H45.

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The Shamanics – Teaser

The debut album “Shamanic” will be released on October 21st, 2016. (digital, vinyl, CD). Release party on the same day at Le Bourg. (

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Xewin & Mark Kelly are THE SHAMANICS

The time has come to announce the following of Xewin. Initially planned for the 3rd album Xewin, the collaboration with the English song writer Mark Kelly as been extended over the studio sessions. And what is was supposed to be only sporadic cooperation will become the first part of a new project: THE SHAMANICS. Xewin will be the conductor, Mark Kelly the emblematic voice. The release of the album SHAMANIC is scheduled for late 2016.

Stay tuned on The Shamanics facebook page

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Reverse Engineering – They Live Xewin Remix

Reverse Engineering – They Live Xewin Remix
Original : itunes

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Working hard

Working hard on new material. Good inspirations, good collaborations, good synths, good studio. Still a lot of work but sounds like the final result should be not too bad!

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Live-act : Southsoniks VS Xewin

Occasionnellement, les deux producteurs romands fusionnent leurs productions respectives sur scène. Cela donne un Live act énergique et dansant où l’on retrouve l’électro mélodique de Xewin dopée par la techno de Southsoniks.

A découvrir en live le samedi 15 mars à l’usine à Gaz de Nyon.

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New EP : Rebel Princess (OUT NOW!!!)

EP: Rebel Princess (October 25, 2013) iTunes, Beatport

« …We took off before night fell, conscious that the chants and hypnotic rhythms of the rebel princess would be with us forever… »
Extract of the log book, Day 247 – The Rebel Princess

The EP Rebel Princess contains three unreleased tracks previously recorded and played during the tour of the album Returning. The tracks Rebel Princess and Under My Skin has been made in collaboration with Yarah Bravo (UK).

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New music video: Strike a Pose

XEWIN feat. Yarah Bravo -Strike a Pose- from Take Off Productions.

Out now on iTUNES & BEATPORT!

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Superette Festival 2013

Le prochain concert de Xewin ce sera au festival de musiques électroniques La Superette le samedi 26 octobre. Xewin sera accompagné de Yarah Bravo. Ce sera l’occasion de vernir un nouvel EP agendé pour fin octobre.

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Showcase dans Pl3in le Poste (RTS1)

Showcase de Xewin avec Yarah Bravo dans l’émission Pl3in le Poste le 11 septembre 2013 sur la RTS.
Visionner la vidéo de Strike a Pose (feat. Yarah Bravo)
Visionner la vidéo de Flying Cars (feat. Yarah Bravo & Bobby Johnson)

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